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Why Do I Need Personal Training?

You need personal training to help expand your knowledge of exercise techniques and to learn effective program strategies to make progress quicker. Workouts will become more time-efficient and help you break through any fitness or motivation plateaus.

Here’s How Our Personal Training System Works….

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A Structured Approach to Fitness

We’ll help you plan your goals so that you can see and feel progress time-efficiently. That way, you can feel benefits like higher energy, reduced stress, more energy, and fitness improvement. 

An initial assessment examines your body composition, fitness level, strength, and injuries. We use this information to track your progress. You’ll find more motivation to keep improving and performing better than you were. 

The next step is building a custom workout plan. We’ll match your current fitness level to make the training enjoyable and push you to the next level for optimal results.

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Fast-Paced Boxing

The sweat-inducing boxing program brings maximum cardio burn with a combination of technique, intensity, and fun for an insane full-body workout. 

Step into our boxing training for a total body burn. 

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Maximum Strength Training

Build more muscle with simple but effective weightlifting techniques that push your limits. This full-body strength training program is for anyone who wants to lift heavy. 

Fitness Image makes serious strength training more manageable for anyone who wants lean muscle because Armstrong and the team know exactly what it takes to build real strength and confidence while keeping you safe with great technique.

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Nourish Your Body

Complete your health and fitness plan with our Quick Start Nutrition Guide (free with any of our challenges).

Learn the simple and satisfying, no-deprivation way to lean nutrition. Give your body healthy nutrients so that you can see changes in your body and feel more energetic.

In the guide, Armstrong teaches you his proven strategies for weight loss and keeping your results for the long term.

You’ll get recipes, food lists, meal plans, and educational resources to plan your nutrition confidently and quickly.

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How do I get started with Personal Training?

We’ll begin with a phone consultation to match you with the right trainer. After that, your trainer will book you in for a first session. The first session will be on the more accessible side, but you’ll still get a good workout. After your first session, we’ll see how you move and react over the next few days. If you’re doing one of our challenges, the trainer will return to you on the next session with a complete training plan that you’ll do with them over the next six weeks. 

  • Flexible Scheduling
    Our trainers are flexible with scheduling so that you can fit in training around your work and personal schedule. 
  • Pricing and Packages
    We’ve got casual per-session pricing and also packages and challenges. 

Real fitness results

Having recently completed a series of personal training sessions, I am thoroughly impressed with the remarkable professionalism and expertise displayed. The trainer’s personalised approach addressed my specific fitness goals and educated me on maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Highly recommended for anyone serious about achieving their fitness goals.” Michael Simms

“I enjoyed my sessions with Armstrong. I was impressed that he deals with the whole person and the physical.” Jenny Hobbs

Looking for a new PT last year, I sent a few enquiries to local businesses via the web. Armstrong was the first to respond and was keen to understand what I was looking for in a PT program.

Based on his responsiveness, my husband and I decided to do a trial for a few sessions. We have been with Armstrong 2 days a week for a year, with a few short breaks due to holidays. We both have shaped and built muscle, and I have lost 12 kilos.

Armstrong pushes us hard, but it’s always with a joke and a laugh to get us through the session. I love that he is always on time and never misses an agreed class, no matter how cold, dark or early it is!” Kim Damon

What are the benefits of Fitness Image Personal Training?

Fitness Image creates custom fitness plans based on your current fitness level. It’ll be enjoyable and challenging for maximal results. The exercises are chosen based on what areas you’d like to improve and any injuries you might have. Our trainers will teach you the perfect technique to get more out of your workouts and prevent future injury. Injuries can happen in a split second and become more likely to occur when you start pushing your limits. The problem is that you do need to stretch your boundaries to see genuine progress. That’s why our experienced trains know what to look for. 

Our trainers will fit around your work and personal schedule so that you don’t go another week without missing training. When you miss a week of training, you’ll likely miss the week after, and soon, that becomes a habit. Our trainers will help you build healthy habits. 

Build healthy habits and lose bad ones. A healthy lifestyle becomes more manageable once it’s a habit. But getting there isn’t that easy. Feel confident knowing our trainers will put you on the right track to building healthy habits and a good connection with exercise and nutrition.

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Want To Hear What People Like Yourself Have To Say About Mobile Personal Training?

“OMG!!! Army is really good trainer, friendly and gorgeous. I just had a person training with him, i feel really relax after training, and i can feel my muscle now. esp chest !! Excellent!!” Felix

Discover What It’s Like To Be In Control Of Your Fitness!

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Find a Personal Trainer in Melbourne

Feel free to get in touch with us, and we’ll go over your goals and get you in touch with one of our trainers. They’ll contact you to book in a first session, and you’ll see how you like their style of training. From there our trainer will create a plan for you.

The workouts are designed to give you a challenging, total-body strength and fitness workout. You’ll burn fat, sweat, and see results. It depends what your goals are, as some people have health, strength, fitness, or personal goals. For weight loss, you might only expect to lose 0.5kg per week.

We can visit your place, a park near you, or your apartment gym, anywhere in Melbourne. We also have semi-private studios in Port Melbourne and Middle Park.