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Founder of Fitness Image, Armstrong Lazenby

Armstrong Story
Leave it all on the ice.
Back when I was a punk kid my dad would get me in the home gym on weekends and work me hard in the weight room and running up local hills. He’d say you didn’t get up early to come here and give half effort. Leave it all in the gym.

Years later when I competed in speed skating, we applied the same principles: we left it all on the ice.

When I became a full time ice speed skater, that was part of my daily routine. I just hoped i had the strength to leave it all on the ice – whether I was speed skating at local competitions or training with the faster guys.

Leaving it all…means you give every ounce of effort you can, to give the best performance you can give.

Whatever it is you do, whatever job you have.. at the end of the day, leave it all there. Speed skating has been the most physically gruelling part of my career. Got kicked hard in training and at the races. But I’m grateful to go to bed satisfied I left it all on the ice.

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