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Armstrong competed on ninja Warrior.

Rated 4.9 stars from 69+ reviews.

Joe at Fitness First with a ten hour certificate might not compare.

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Here’s The Most Productive 45min Of Your Day.

You only have one body. It’s time to make yourself—and your fitness—a priority.

Created by Ninja Warrior competitor Armstrong Lazenby, the reset challenge is a no-excuses, 6-week program with one requirement: give your health and nutrition the focus they deserve.

Because when you show up for yourself, the results will follow—physically and in all aspects of your life. 

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Beginners to Athletes Love Fitness Image

See for yourself

“Just got Michaela as a PT for my wife and I can’t express how happy we are with her. She has been above and beyond to make sure that my wife gets the best workout. Michaela is super friendly too. thanks for organising it Armstrong. You guys are the best 🙌 🙌 🙌”Nik

personal trainer melbourne

“I cannot express enough how much Armstrong and Fitness Image have transformed my life. When I first started my fitness journey, I was severely underweight and lacked confidence in myself. Armstrong’s guidance and expertise have been nothing short of life-changing.” Utkarash

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So, why the 6-week Reset?

Let’s be real – Exercising without a nutrition or fitness plan is like playing darts with a blindfold.

That’s Where The 60-day Reset Comes In.

The 60-day Reset is like a path with paving stones leading to your goal. Step by step, you’ll get closer. Once you reach your goal, you won’t go back.

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The 6-week reset Is the secret to your fitness success

It’s the difference between the 95% of people who lose their results and the 5% that keep them for 3 years+!

Regular trainers

cross-circle Created with Sketch Beta. Unclear plan for results

cross-circle Created with Sketch Beta. Difficulty creating lasting results

cross-circle Created with Sketch Beta. Slow progress

cross-circle Created with Sketch Beta. No nutrition guidance

cross-circle Created with Sketch Beta. Pay extra for a gym membership

cross-circle Created with Sketch Beta. Contract for training sessions

cross-circle Created with Sketch Beta. Waste time and travel to the gym

cross-circle Created with Sketch Beta. Commercial service

Our 6-week Reset

Proven for results

Create healthy habits

Tested for good progress

Nutrition plan

Save money, no membership fee

No contract

We come to you with equipment

Friendly service

Build the body you’ve always wanted

Keep pushing your limits and your body has to adapt. That’s how you get in such insane shape in just 6 weeks.

Get your free Kick-start session

Our 6-week Reset is…

Your nutrition plan

Preparing food and knowing what to eat for fat loss used to be confusing and hard. What would normally be a guessing game to find what works can now be organised and planned right away!

With The Quick Start Nutrition Guide, you can….

Learn the simple and satisfying, no-deprivation way to lean nutrition

Get proven strategies for weight loss to kickstart healthy habits so you can keep your results for good

Feel more healthy, see changes in your body, and feel more energetic.

Our 6-week Reset is…

Your personal trainer

The commitment that changes everything. Lock in, and get to work 1-3 days a week, 45 minutes a session, to reach your peak in 60 days.

With Fitness Image personal training, you can….

Get next-level coaching cues, and a focus on fundamental, powerful exercises

Take on anything. Whether you want to hike in Nepal, or be the best at local sports

Experience energizing training, and stress relieving stretching

Our 6-week Reset Challenge is…

Your mobile personal trainer

We come to your place, your apartment gym, or a park near you with all the equipment.

With Fitness Image mobile personal training, you can….

Get lean and healthy. Improve your posture with custom exercises.

Build confidence with strength training

Alternate between endurance and power-based strength training to keep you challenged but never over-trained.

About Fitness Image

Armstrong competed on Ninja Warrior Season 2. Growing up, he was naturally skinny, so his dad inspired him to pursue sports. As he became fitter and stronger, his body changed. What helped was getting the right coaching, and learning about technique and nutrition.

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Mobile personal trainers

We visit your place, apartment gym, or a park near you.

Melbourne personal training in studio

Visit one of our semi-private gyms across Melbourne.

Want to hear what people like yourself have to say about the 6-week Reset?

“Gary, is hard working, comes in to our house with high energy, but also brings the right amount of humour and fun to the session.
Highly Recommend” Cameron Stillman

“Anette was my trainer. She was lovely and did a fantastic job of tailoring the workouts to my needs and I noticed a remarkable difference in just a month! Highly recommend!” Alina

My personal trainer, Michaela, is absolutely fantastic at her job and is just a lovely person to talk to. She has so much love for physical health and is always pushing me to do my best. She incorporates her pilates background into my workouts and is always dropping bits of knowledge from her long career in physical health. Our sessions are always fun and I leave feeling fit and energised.

Armstrong and Michaela have been so supportive of my fitness journey and are always looking out for my best interests. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to make changes to their physical health!” Zarah

“Armstrong has made a huge difference to my quality of life in the last 6 months. Despite recent challenges with lower back pain, Armstrong has been able to safely guide me towards an inner core strength that allows me to avoid future back problems while also maintaining great posture. I feel like a much younger man.

While I’ve already reached my initial goals, I still intend to continue with Armstrong. He is guiding me towards greater athleticism and is an incredible trainer. I also respect that he is continually learning about physical health and doesn’t limit himself to a single point of view. I really like how he always has something new in store and makes every workout entertaining and fun.” Chris Whitemore

“Armstrong is an excellent trainer, very professional and a lovely guy. The sessions are focused and results driven. His method has helped me feel fitter and stronger after the long Melbourne lockdowns! Highly recommend!” Emma

“OMG!!! Army is really good trainer, friendly and gorgeous. I just had a person training with him, i feel really relax after training, and i can feel my muscle now. esp chest !! Excellent!!” Felix

Discover what it’s like to be in control of your fitness!

Start your 6-week reset today. Get a free session from a personal trainer near you.

Get your free Kick-start session

Find a personal trainer in Melbourne

Our trainers are mobile so we can bring equipment to your place, a park near you, or your apartment gym.

You don’t need a full gym to get the results you’re looking for.

We’ve also got a few private studios across Melbourne. Our main studios are in Port Melbourne, Middle Park, and Coburg.

We service all over Melbourne. Some popular locations are Epping, Mill Park, Glen Waverley, Chadstone, Brighton, South Melbourne, Albert Park, St Kilda, South Bank, and surrounding suburbs. Our trainers can travel 10km.

If you’re looking for results, the reset is for you. I’ve designed the reset to be the most effective way to improve and reach your goals. It’s a plan to help you get your best results in the first 60 days of training.

Fitness Image and our trainers provide lasting benefits and results—no matter where you’re starting from or your goals. It’s custom strength training designed to give you a total-body workout. A full body program reshapes you by building lean muscle mass and reducing body fat, to help reveal a stronger, shredded body. Using a variety of proven lifting techniques, you will change the way you look—and feel.

Lift heavy, challenge yourself, and target every muscle group to reach your peak physical and mental strength. With our trainers’ passion for helping others succeed, they’ll make lifting approachable and rewarding.

Just getting started and doing a first session is the best way. That way, you can use the service and get better recommendations from your trainer about what might be best for you.