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Get fit and more motivated.

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Is the 10 Week Resize right for me?

Reaching your peak is different for everyone. Maybe its just you wanting to pick up your children. Or just to move. Just to feel better. Optimizing your mind, body, and nutrition to get the most out of you. This program is going to guide you, and the goal is, reaching your peak. That’s what Fitness Image personal training is all about.

How the program works

What’s included:
The 10 Week Resize Mobile personal training program includes 1-3 mobile personal training sessions per week where we come to your place, your apartment gym, or a park near you with equipment. Nutrition guidance and recommendations are available, and the program is no lock in for an initial 10 weeks. 2 sessions per week is recommended.

Getting started:
Contact us here or call us to answer any questions you have. Then we will get one of our personal trainers to contact you back to schedule in a first session. We will then email you the payment details for direct debit (bank transfer or credit card), which is no lock in, week to week payment.

Participating in the sessions:
Your trainer will go over your goals, past/current injuries on the phone with you. At the first session, your trainer will usually aim to give you a good workout, but stay on the easy side, to see how you react to the session, and to learn about how you move. The sessions consist of a mix of training styles to suit what you enjoy and to improve your weak points. Styles include functional bodyweight training, boxing, intensive Pilates, strength training, cardio high intensity training.

Expected results:
Your trainer will record your progress over 10 weeks of training. Usually by 10 weeks you can see a visible difference in how you look, and generally clients say they feel better and more healthier. Results can vary person to person.


All the motivation you need.

Dr Christos Papadimitriou
“Flexibility, professionalism and awesome training results. Highly recommended!”

Trusted by 7 doctors across Melbourne.

We come to you, see lasting results. Any location.

High intensity, muscle toning workouts. Boxing, strength, cardio, core, and dynamic stretching.

Instantly improve your exercise technique.

Your custom whole body plan for fitness, nutrition, and managing injuries.

Improve your motivation, and keep motivated.

Half price first session


1x30min session per week.

Half price first session


2x30min session per week.

Half price first session


3x30min session per week.

45min sessions are $18 extra. 1 additional person is $20. There may be a small travel fee depending on location.

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A dynamic training experience.

The 10 Week Resize is designed to build lean, toned muscle with strength training. And rev up your metabolism with high intensity cardio. So that you body burns fat even when you’re not working out.

We are going to be working from head to toe. Push yourself to your limits with short, powerful, effective workouts using boxing, weights, dynamic cardio, and core movements.

Personal Training Results Melbourne

10 weeks to reach your peak.

Without commitment your more likely to give up when times get hard. After every workout, you should feel like you can take on anything, and anyone. My goal is to teach you how to properly train, and every move that we do we is part of learning the fundamental skills.

The warm up is important, the cool down is important. This program is about preparing our bodies. It’s about getting the most out of your workout. It’s about feeling good and not feeling defeated. Activation is key. That’s why this program is designed to make sure there’s recovery. Slow, controlled coaching cues are going to help you to be successful.

We come to you with equipment. Save money and train outside, at your place, or your apartment gym. Experienced at dealing with injuries. Proven track record for delivering weight loss results. Learn what works for your body.

Energizing warm ups. Sweat workouts. Relaxing stretching.

Each session starts with a dynamic and cardio warm up to get your energy up. Then we work on some strength exercises which focus on learning new technique. Then we move onto some high intensity cardio using boxing and fast whole body movements. Again with a focus on technique to prevent injury, and to work around any injuries you might have. The last part of the workout is a relaxing cool down and stretch. Workouts are unique each session and will torch calories and target your stomach, thighs, glutes and upper body with little breaks. The 10 weeks are designed to keep you challenged, motivated, and improving with every workout.

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In case you missed anything.

Where are the sessions?

We come to you, so any park near you or at your place/ apartment gym. We usually service these areas:

Port Melbourne, South Melbourne, Albert Park, Middle Park, Docklands, Southbank, Seddon, Yarraville, Newport, St Kilda, Melbourne city CBD, South Bank, Glen Waverly, Malvern, Brighton, Carnegie, Camberwell, and the surrounding suburbs. If your location isn’t listed here or is further away, there may be a small travel fee.

What’s included in the 10 week resize?

The 10 Week Resize is a mobile personal training service, where we come to you or a park near you. We bring all the equipment needed. We’ll go over your goals, injuries and needs, then we will take your measurements. This way we can keep you on track and motivated over the 10 weeks.

Once you’ve reached your peak at 10 weeks, there’s a maintenance phase so that you can keep your results for good. At the end of 10 weeks, you’ll see noticeable and visible changes in how you look and feel.

How do I pay?

Direct debit, paid weekly via bank account or credit card.
Bank transfer or cash also available.

What if I don’t have time?

That’s why we offer 30min sessions, where we come to you to save you time.

Recommended amount of sessions?

Your trainer will be able to give a recommendation, but generally we recommend twice per week training, starting at 30min for the first week, then moving up to 45min in the coming weeks.

Is personal training worth it?

Even personal trainers will hire a personal trainer. We highly recommend trying a first session so that you can see if it’s something you’ll enjoy and get a lot of value from.