Personal Training Overview

For ten weeks, you’ll follow strength, core, boxing, and cardio workouts that are personalised for you, so you know you’ll get maximum results.
1.  YES ! Mobile personal training, we come to your house or nearby park
2. YES ! Weight loss, strength, toned muscle results
3. YES ! High intensity, time saving 30min workouts
4. YES ! A different workout every session
5. YES ! No equipment required, we bring it to you
6. YES ! Experienced at dealing with injuries

We come to you: Port Melbourne, Prahran, Yarraville, Docklands, South Melbourne, Albert Park, St Kilda, South Bank, Melbourne CBD, and surrounding suburbs.
Once/ week personal training

We come to you. 30min training.

Easy recipes and nutrition guidance, free!

Flexibility & muscle tightness program

Twice/ week personal training

We come to you. 30min training.

Easy recipes and nutrition guidance, free!

Flexibility & muscle tightness program

Personal trainer south melbourne, yarraville, at home pt

Making Healthy Eating Easier

  • Simple recipes
  • Get more control over food
  • Portion size guide for fat loss and lean muscle

Meet Armstrong Lazenby

Armstrong has 5 years experience and has helped hundreds of people get in the best shape of their lives with his personal training and powerfully motivating style. He's competed on Ninja Warrior and was a full time athlete for the national speed skating team. He's had scholarships with the Olympic Winter Institute, Australian Institute of Sport, Victorian Institute of Sport, and the International Skating Union. He's also been featured on Olympics.com.au many times.

Personal Trainer Near Me, Armstrong Lazenby Port Melbourne Training for Seniors

Our Personal Training

  • 5 years experience
  • International athlete
  • Pay per session, cancel anytime
  • Fast paced high intensity 30min workouts to save you time
  • 5min assessment, then get straight into training
  • We come to you to save you time and money on a gym membership


  • Less than 2 years experience
  • No personal fitness achievements
  • Pay 8 sessions upfront
  • Long and drawn out 45min - 1hr sessions
  • Entire first session is an assessment that could be done in 5-10min
  • Travel to the gym and pay an added membership fee
  • Workout inside in a crowded space
Save your money

A gym membership costs $1000 a year

Save your time

We come to you

Save your mind and body

Best way to keep away brain diseases and bad posture is to work that body

Personal Training Come to My Home, Mobile at Home PT

Jack P. lost 5kg doing the 10 week resize!

"Armstrong gets you the results you want, he is very friendly and committed. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals!" Jack Payne

Fitness Image Mobile Personal Trainer
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Talya Cohen
Talya Cohen
Armstrong has helped me lose weight and greatly improve my posture!
Chris Witmore
Chris Witmore
Armstrong has made a huge difference to my quality of life in the last 6 months. Despite recent challenges with lower... back pain, Armstrong has been able to safely guide me towards an inner core strength that allows me to avoid future back problems while also maintaining great posture. I feel like a much younger man. While I've already reached my initial goals, I still intend to continue with Armstrong. He is guiding me towards greater athleticism and is an incredible trainer. I also respect that he is continually learning about physical health and doesn't limit himself to a single point of view. I really like how he always has something new in store and makes every workout entertaining and fun.read more
Kiriakos Michalos
Kiriakos Michalos
great place, learnt a lot and got the results needed in less time than I thought. the instructor supported massively... and results took place in no time.Thanksread more
Bianca Boca
Bianca Boca
Amazing and educative person, always learning something new from him and love his approach to training �
Thomas Eisner
Thomas Eisner
Rees Rouse
Rees Rouse
I always had trouble with not only build leg size but to develop a good squat! After seeing the tree trunks attached to... Armstrong I asked for his help. To sum it up. The workouts were brutal (I asked him to push me as hard as he could) the advice was spot on and I learnt so much from him. Plus I went from stuggling with 40kg squat bad form to 100kg good for in weeks. Best thing is even now when I'm not a physical client. He always checks up on me and is always there to give advice. Guy is going far.read more
Maurício Pessoa Okano
Maurício Pessoa Okano
Work out with this guy is very fun and intense, you will feel very fast results and achieve your goals faster than you... think. He is the best!read more
Bailey William Brooksby
Bailey William Brooksby
Absolutely terrific trainer, really helped me kickstart my own fitness. Made fitness seem really appealing, coming from... someone who used to hate working out.read more
Felix Xing
Felix Xing
OMG!!! Amry is really good trainer, friendly and gorgeous. I just had a person training with him, i feel really relax... after training, and i can feel my muscle now. esp chest !! Excellent!!read more
شعیب الرحمن
شعیب الرحمن
Jack Payne
Jack Payne
Armstrong gets you the results you want, he is very friendly and committed. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals!
Elvis Endovski
Elvis Endovski
Armstrong's approach to fitness can be summed up with 3 A's that also comprises as the first letter to his great name:... Attentive, Adventurous and Achievableread more
Tyler Puts
Tyler Puts
Within a couple of questions, I'd already learnt so much that I hadn't known before. The in depth knowledge and... kindness shown was helpful for me in understanding the process. I'm coming away with a lot more in my mind on how to be better and more efficient at building me.Thank you so much!read more
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Fitness Image Mobile Personal Trainer South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Yarraville, Albert Park, Docklands, Prahran

Mobile Personal Training Near You, 15% off on sale

Is the 10 Week Resize right for me?

Although cardio and minimal eating might make you lose weight, Armstrong has a better idea. This 10 Week Resize personal training program can help you tone muscle, lose fat, and build your metabolism. It's you, Armstrong, and the equipment, for 10 weeks. After 5min you'll be warmed up and feeling energized. After 15min you'll be out of breath, and by 20min you'll be checking at the clock. At 30min, it'll be worth it.

What Are the Workouts Like?

Unique weekly workouts will torch calories and target your stomach, thighs, glutes and upper body with little breaks. The 10 weeks are designed to keep you challenged and motivated with every workout.

gym trainer near you private male personal trainer

I can come to your house, or a park near you. We can train at Port Melbourne, Prahran, Yarraville, Docklands, South Melbourne, Albert Park, St Kilda, South Bank, and surrounding suburbs.

Armstrong has experience working with injuries. He can provide training that's tailored to not making your injury worse, and can also provide advice on how to improve your injury.

Armstrong is taking all personal training sessions himself. If you live outside of 8km from Port Melbourne, Armstrong will provide a list of trainers from his personal training agency.

Try to spend more time walking places. Armstrong always recommends using your free leisure time to play recreational sports, like basketball with friends instead of going to the movies. Personal training is a good way to maintain and improve your fitness in a very short period of time spent each week.

We can either reschedule the session for free, or choose an undercover area. The South Melbourne Life Saving Club is undercover, if that's convenient for you. If it's raining just lightly, we can train under trees.

Cash or bank transfer.
There's no contract, just pay per session, per week, or per fortnight.

Cancel anytime.

You can expect to see improvement from the program. If you're strict with yourself in your own time, you can expect to see very good, visible results that other people will notice within 10 weeks. It's not uncommon for people to see 1cm come off their waist each week, or .5kg lost each week.

You can use your equipment for training, but Armstrong will have his equipment in his car anyway.

Let's get started

Call us on 0402826824 or make an inquiry to book and discuss how to improve your health and fitness.


Best Outdoor One on One at Home Fitness Trainer for Fast Results, Cost is under $60, Valuable, Worth It