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Improve your fitness and confidence.

I’ll come to you to save you time. Mobile personal training South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, and surrounding suburbs.

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✅ Properly shape, condition, and strengthen your body.

✅ Enhance overall health and fitness.

✅ Advice for setting and achieving realistic fitness goals.

Fitness Image Mobile Personal Trainer

Learn the right exercise technique to prevent injury.

The last 5-10kg of fat is the hardest to lose. It’s because it’s actually different to other fat. There’s a different ratio of receptors in stubborn fat. I’ll teach you an effective way to address this issue.

Jack was a high school friend of mine who became very committed to his health and fitness when we first started training. He did all the exercises and pushed himself. After a few months he showed me these photos. I was surprised at how far we’ve come. He says:

“Armstrong gets you the results you want, he is very friendly and committed. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals!”
– Jack Payne

Fitness Image Mobile Personal Trainer

Don’t make these exercise mistakes. Just learn correct technique.

Let’s take the squat for example. Are your knees caving in at the bottom? Is your back completely straight? Do you feel it in your glutes, core, and hamstrings? Do you have forward neck posture?

I’ll help you identify your problem areas, then actually fix them using corrective exercises.

Personal Training Port Melbourne/ South Melbourne and Surrounding Suburbs. Online Virtual Training Available.

✅ Save yourself time and money by not having to buy a gym membership. Train at a nearby park of your choice, or I’ll come to your place.
✅ My quick assessment and different training styles are suited to your personal needs and goals so that you can see changes fast.
✅ 73% of 102 clients tested found personal training effective at improving motivation to exercise after 10 weeks.

Probably the worst motivation killer is when you plateau. Seeing results quickly is what you need to keep you going.

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“Armstrong has made a huge difference to my quality of life in the last 6 months. I feel like a much younger man. While I’ve already reached my initial goals, I still intend to continue with Armstrong. He is guiding me towards greater athleticism and is an incredible trainer.
– Chris Whitmore

“Army is a really good trainer, friendly and gorgeous. I feel really relax after training, and i can feel my muscles now. Esp chest! Excellent!”
Felix Xing

“It’s been 3 months now, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. He has helped me with mobility, flexibility, engagement and from. Great value!”
Jack French

“Monica said her thigh has thing down by 2-3cm!!! I didn’t measure yet, but do feel better and motivated!”
Stella and Monica Wu

12 Week Challenge

2 sessions per week.
High intensity 30min sessions.
Online or in person.
No contract, pay per session.

$100 per week.

Small Group Training

1-3 people.
40min sessions.
No contract, pay per session.

$40 per person.

“Armstrong is very professional in teaching and mentoring the exact techniques needed for different body types. He helped me to get the right diet + workout combo for my body type. I found genuine progress in my body shape, building strength and stamina, mind stability and also my lifestyle – which includes my sleep cycle “

“I highly recommend Armstrong Lazenby. Armstrong really helped me to connect my mind and body together, this allowed me to know if I was working on the right muscle groups and if I was doing the exercises correctly.”
Kate Joyce

Adventure Awaits

Hiking in Nepal or staying home? Trained by Fitness Image, the sky’s the limit.

Aiming High This Year?

Work can be stressful. Fitness Image can give you resilience to stay on top it it.

Need to Get it Done?

Everyone wants a bit of motivation. Fitness Image can give your health a boost to reach greater heights.

Fitness Image Mobile Personal Trainer.
Armstrong Lazenby offers personal training South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, and surrounding suburbs.

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