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Personal Training for Weight Loss

My experience with weight loss is that in the past I’ve had to lose five kilos and personally I found it quite tough, even just losing 5 kilos.

Having said that, I did get there in the end. I’ve helped 10 or 20 people as a personal trainer lose a considerable amount of weight and I’ve helped hundreds of people tone up. Toning up and looking fit will definitely change your life.

Expected results

See visible results that other people notice in 8-12 weeks. Requires 3 exercise sessions per week, and 20% improvement in nutrition.


Have a goal to be in your best shape on a set date. Take photos of yourself to motivate you to push yourself with exercise and diet. Schedule a personal trainer if motivation, or previous injuries are an issue.

Equipment needed

Medium weights (2x5kg dumbbells for females, 2x10kg for males), music, and a friend or personal trainer to exercise with.

Once you do lose 5 or 10 kilos initially the next stage is really about toning up. When you build a bit of muscle at the same time you’ll look toned and fit. And that’s when your body shape will change, and that’s when your strength will increase. Your fitness will increase and you’ll be able to exercise more at a higher intensity which means that you’ll burn more calories during a workout.

You’ll have better exercise technique and its easier to keep results for the long term. The first 10 weeks of training you really want to aim to make this a priority in your life and push your comfort zone. And that’s what a personal trainer can help you with. It’s quite tough pushing your own boundaries by yourself so if you can afford a personal trainer, even just once a week it is worth it for the first 10 weeks.

And even me as a personal trainer I’ve had many personal trainers and lots of sport coaches. And it has all contributed to a high level of confidence in myself to be able to reach a fitness goal. So that’s where I want you guys to be. If you make this a priority in your life for the next 10 weeks or 3 months or so, then you can revaluate and slow down. Once you’ve hit a certain goal you can maintain from there. It’s probably a little bit easier than actually getting to the goal in the first place. We say 10 weeks because you’ll be able to make some massive changes in that time.

What really helped me was setting a date to finish the challenge. That’s what really helped me stay motivated, but it could be different for you because you’ve got to know what really motivates you. But from my experience myself, not my clients but myself, having a date to be ready for a fitness photoshoot helped. I had to be ready in 3 months.

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