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Emma Pickford a day ago
I really enjoyed my recent workout with Sebastian and will book in regular sessions with him from now on. He is very patient and easy going and I got a lot out of our session. I highly recommend this business.

Rhiana Crisafi a month ago
Sebastian has helped me tremendously into getting back into shape and my fitness has been better than ever. I’m so proud of the progress we have made so far, my body is thanking me so much. Its only been 10 weeks !!
thank you Fitness image for providing such a great service with professional advice.

Thiyuni Fonseka 4 months ago
I was seeking for a trainer recently around South Melbourne side and beyond thrilled I came across Armstrong!! He is filled with copious amount of knowledge, is understanding and patient, witty, and always make the sessions great fun and exciting! A great trainer and recommends highly!

Michelle Hardi 5 months ago
Armstrong helped me get back into fitness by giving me different variations of workouts and made it fun! I like how he’d push my limits each week. Highly recommended!!

Chris Whitemore a year ago
Armstrong has made a huge difference to my quality of life in the last 6 months. Despite recent challenges with lower back pain, Armstrong has been able to safely guide me towards an inner core strength that allows me to avoid future back problems while also maintaining great posture. I feel like a much younger man. While I’ve already reached my initial goals, I still intend to continue with Armstrong. He is guiding me towards greater athleticism and is an incredible trainer. I also respect that he is continually learning about physical health and doesn’t limit himself to a single point of view. I really like how he always has something new in store and makes every workout entertaining and fun.

Jack French a year ago
I was looking online for a personal trainer in Port Melbourne / South Melbourne area, and Armstrong called me up immediately to inquire. It’s been 3 months now, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. He has helped me with mobility, flexibility, engagement and from. Great value!

Kate Joyce a year ago
I highly recommend Armstrong Lazenby. Armstrong really helped me to connect my mind and body together, this allowed me to know if I was working on the right muscle groups and if I was doing the exercises correctly. Apart from general fitness, Armstrong has a wealth of knowledge in posture, alignment and meditation practices.

Shijin 2 years ago
Very professional in teaching and mentoring the exact techniques needed for different body types. He helped me to get the right diet + workout combo for my body type. I found genuine progress in my body shape, building strength and stamina, mind stability and also my lifestyle – which includes my sleep cycle. I strongly recommend for guidance to help you achieve your body and mind goals.

Kiriakos Michalos 2 years ago
Great program and not as hard as I thought to stay on track. I really liked how I felt better after each workout and I could see results in the first 2 weeks. I really believe this will bring the results I need, sooner than I thought.
Happy customer!

Talya Cohen a year ago
I was looking for personal training near me in South Melbourne/ port melbourne. Armstrong has really helped me with weight loss and with my technique, form, and engagement.

Georgia Tasiopoulos 2 years ago
Best training program by far. Highly recommend

Rees Rouse 4 years ago
I always had trouble with not only build leg size but to develop a good squat! After seeing the tree trunks attached to Armstrong I asked for his help. To sum it up. The workouts were brutal (I asked him to push me as hard as he could) the advice was spot on and I learnt so much from him. Plus I went from stuggling with 40kg squat bad form to 100kg good for in weeks.
Best thing is even now when I’m not a physical client. He always checks up on me and is always there to give advice. Guy is going far.

George Orfanos a year ago
Best experience in training!

Quadrigold Adenuga 3 months ago
I was hesitant to get a personal trainer but after my first session I learnt a lot about what I need to do to reach my goals. Thanks to Armstrong for his help so far. We did training at the beach at port melboure which was convenient for me as well.

Jack French 4 months ago
Armstrong is a great personal trainer because of the consistent care and effort that he puts in. He is not only very knowledgeable, but he’s also easy to work with. At the beginning, Armstrong took the time to listen to what I said I wanted. Then we did some training sessions where he was able to come to his own conclusions about what I needed based on his professional experience.
I realized over time that I liked his approach more! Sometimes it takes a second opinion to actually know what’s best for you. We’ve been working together over the last 18 months and I wouldn’t change a thing. In fact, I’d say I’m in the best shape of my life.

Dr Emma V 3 months ago
Armstrong is an excellent trainer, very professional and a lovely guy. The sessions are focused and results driven. His method has helped me feel fitter and stronger after the long Melbourne lockdowns! Highly recommend!

Jesse Cohen 11 months ago
I’ve been training with Fitness Image for 3 years now and strongly respect his expertise and commitment to his field and my fitness journey. They are focused on helping me to achieve my goals and ensures each session is challenging (yet fun). I’ve noticed dramatic improvements in strength along with improvements in my form.

Always punctual, focused on my progress (in and out of the gym) and ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid injuries. I’d highly recommend Fitness Image to anyone no matter the stage of their fitness journey.

Dr Christos Papadimitriou 4 months ago
Flexibility, professionalism and awesome training results. Highly recommended!

Bianca Caitamandra 3 years ago
Amazing and educative, always learning somethign new and love this approach.

Felix Xing 3 years ago
OMG!!! Army is really good trainer, friendly and gorgeous. I just had a person training with him, i feel really relax after training, and i can feel my muscle now. esp chest !! Excellent!!

Corey Williams 3 years ago
My partner and I love this guy. Hes super motivating and extremely knowledgeable. I feel better with someone who has extensive experience as an elite athlete. As opposed to just googling it. Cannot recommend highly enough! 

Stella Wu 3 years ago
Stella Wu left a 5 star review for Fitness Image

Craig 4 years ago
Fast response and very knowledgable

Christine 3 years ago
This PT rang straightaway and went out of his way to make a time even thought it was over a long weekend. First session was exactly what we wanted.

Gabe 4 years ago
The best personal trainer there is. Helped me with changing my life completely around.

Ayub Khan a year ago
Ayub Khan left a 5 star review for Fitness Image

Quadrigold Adenuga 3 months ago
We trained at St vincent gardens and it was a really good workout. I didnt feel like it was too hard but I definitely worked my muscles a lot. I’m excited as we talked about goals and how I can achieve them.

Gillian 2 years ago
Top trainer, great results.

Liam Midderham
Liam Midderham left a 5 star review for Fitness Image

Brandon L
Brandon left a 5 star review for Fitness Image

Yash Ravi
Yash Ravi left a 5 star review for Fitness Image

Eleni Tasiopoulos
Eleni Tasiopoulos left a 5 star review for Fitness Image

Bianca Boca
Always learning something new from him and love his approach to training.

Thomas Eisner
Thomas Eisner left a 5 star review for Fitness Image

Mauricio Okano
Work out is very fun and intense, you will feel very fast results and achieve your goals faster than you think.

Tyler Puts
Within a couple of questions, I’d already learnt so much that I hadn’t known before.

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