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Sebastian’s positivity can make anyone feel like working out hard. Currently studying a nutrition certification, he has rare skills from the best of training and nutrition. And he’s very friendly, understanding and patient.


Kat believes the main thing about training is to have goals, and the purpose is to generally feel better. So that you’re not just going to training to look better, but instead to focus on getting stronger.

She says she helps her clients focus on a performance goals like doing the splits or being able to do a push up/ pull up. That way they can stay motivated.

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Isabella is a yoga, pilates, and boxing instructor with a unique and intense style.

She’s super positive and energetic which really helps with client motivation.
Her sessions are a mix of strength, toning, and flexibility. After each workout you’ll feel empowered and healthy.


Competed on Australian Ninja Warrior Season 2. Had scholarships with the Olympic Winter Institute, Australian Institute of Sport, Victorian Institute of Sport, and the International Skating Union. Featured on the website many times.

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Jacob’s focus is on making you feel comfortable while learning new exercise technique. He has a keen eye for knowing how to manage injuries through muscle releases. You’ll walk away feeling like you’ve had a satisfying workout, without feeling like it’s too hard.

Is the 10 Week Resize the right service for me?

Our trainers take their clients through the 10 Week Resize Challenge. It’s a challenge where you’ll see and feel visible results within 10 weeks. Your waist measurement will be taken to keep you motivated every week. The workouts are a mix of strength, cardio, boxing, core, and flexibility. There’s an energizing warm up, dynamic strength and fitness exercises, and a relaxing stretch cool down.

Instantly improve your exercise technique.

Your custom whole body plan for fitness, nutrition, and managing injuries.

Instantly improve your motivation, and keep motivated.

The 10 Week Resize Challenge: Get Fit and More Motivated

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