Fitness Image personal training aims to provide more value to clients and trainers than other companies.

We have a system to help our trainers, which makes you’re work life a bit easier. We have a marketing plan in place so that you build up a part time or full time personal training work quickly.

Part time and full time positions are available. If you’re just doing you’re personal training certification now, you can still reach out to us and express interest.

You can be a trainer in any location, any post code, in Australia and New Zealand.

Please email [email protected] to express your interest. Please include:

Full name
Any type of photo of you
How long have you been a personal trainer?
Do you have any other personal or work commitments at the moment?
How many training sessions would you like to be doing each week?
What do you do in your spare time?
What is your previous job experience?
Do you drive?
Do you have your own equipment?