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3 Tips From a Personal Trainer on Motivation

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Our personal trainer Kat, gives professional fitness advice on starting your fitness journey.

“I think the main thing with training is having goals, and just want to generally feel better. So that you’re not just going to training to look better, because i think that can sometimes make you lose motivation. So I find doing training so that you feel stronger and better, and feel more energetic, and maybe having a couple of goals of something you want to work towards, whether that’s a flexibility goal or maybe to be able to do a pullup, or just have a couple little goals that will make training fun for you.”

“So you’re doing training for a combination of feeling better and having some goals that you’re working towards that are fun because you want to enjoy training. You don’t want to dread going to training. Finding it fun helps you keep motivated. So some extra goals whether that’s being able to do the splits, or being able to do a pullup, so just having something a bit extra, other than just wanting to get fitter.”

How do you keep training with clients fun?

“I like them to tell me that I want to be able to do a pull up or push up. Also pointing out to them when they feel stronger, when they aren’t having back pain anymore. They’re feeling stronger and more energectic. I’ll ask them how their back is, and they’ll tell me it’s feeling stronger, not so weak. Together with the client I point out what areas are feeling stronger, so they can realize they are improving, and now my back doesnt hurt when i do certain things.”

Do you get people who come to you that want to lose weight?

Yes, I tell them how important training is, but also how important diet is. How much water you drink, how much sleep you’re getting. And give them a combination of strength and cardio work for their session. And what they do on a daily basis is going to help contribute to that as well. So i tell them it’s really important to look at your diet and how much you’re eating, and what sort of foods you’re eating.”

Do you give nutrition advice?

“I’ll tell my clients to eat less sugar, eat more vegetables, and to cut down portion sizes.”

Kat is a mobile personal trainer, servicing Caufield, Camberwell, Malvern, and surrounding suburbs.

You can read more information on her personal training service here.

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