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St Vincent Gardens/ Park Towers Reserve

A valuable and fascinating landscape. Perfect for soaking up the benefits of nature. 

St Vincent Gardens

Training Style

Benefits of Our Personal Training

Reduce your risk of injury
Perfect your form
We will help you with your unique requirements
We can help you set realistic goals
Special training for events and specific goals/ sports
Hold you accountable
No wasted time = maximum results
Help you form good habits
Personalised training plan
We fit into your schedule
Increased flexibility for training location
Challenge and push you further

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What to Expect

1. Before You Start
Either on the phone, or at the beginning of the first training session you’ll have a straightforward conversation about your current health and fitness. Your injuries and any concerns you may have will be addressed.
Your personal trainer will ask if you have a health and fitness goal, or if you need help making a realistic and effective goal.

2. Movement Screening
The movement screening tool is used to see what exercises will suit your body. Most of the time clients have specific weak muscles from prior injuries. Or they might have excessive tightness that’s either painful or restricts them from being able to do some exercises with correct technique.  
Your personal trainer will use this quick and easy assessment to determine which exercises will be most effective for your goals. 

3. Warm up
A quick warm up to get the heart rate up, increase mobility and flexibility. Gently ease into challenging exercise. 

4. The Training Session
Our personal training comprises of hundreds of potential exercises. They’re selected based on what your personal trainer has recognised will be most effective for your body and goals. Fitness Image has a selection of technically simple and iconic exercises. And a selection of technically advanced exercises that are super challenging mentally and physically. 

Depending on how you find each exercise, we will increase or decrease the difficulty to suit your body, goals, fitness, and strength. Either way, your heart will be racing and you’ll get a great workout. 

About St Vincent Gardens and South Melbourne

St Vincent Gardens is classified as a heritage garden. There’s busses, trams, and parking nearby. This local area is close to the border of South Melbourne and Albert Park. It’s a national significance, with its English design and surrounding crescents. In 1873 a lawn bowls club became established. It’s now the centrepiece of the gardens, though not a highlight and distraction. The park is mainly used by people walking through, going to work, coming home, and by families. People sometimes hang out here for relaxation and recreational activities. There’s restrooms, a playground, tennis court, mature shade trees, stunning garden beds, and drinking fountains. 

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