Is Personal Training Allowed in Melbourne?

Is Personal Training Allowed in Melbourne?

is personal training allowed in melbourne

As of the 13th October 2021, according to the, personal training is allowed even if you aren’t vaccinated.

Indoor sports are not open yet, but outdoor sports, recreation, and personal training is allowed.

Face masks are not mandatory when exercising, but the personal trainer must be wearing a mask, as long as they aren’t demonstrating vigorous exercise.

If you’d like to get back into fitness and get more motivated, we are offering a mobile personal training service in Melbourne where we come to you. It’s a 10 week program, called the 10 week resize challenge. For more info and pricing on this service, please go to

The areas we can service are currently:
Albert Park
South Melbourne
South Bank
Melbourne CBD
Port Melbourne
Middle Park
St Kilda

And surrounding suburbs. If you have any questions about personal training restrictions, please call us on 0402 826 824