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3 Best Exercises for Beginners to Athletes

This article covers:
Exercise demonstration
Technique advice
Guide to the 3 best exercises

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Exercises Demonstration

Push ups

Push up demonstration exercise


Core and upper body strength improvement. Improve confidence and release feel good endorphins. You will see strength improvement for the front half of your upper body, not so much your back. Key muscles are shoulders, chest, and triceps. Other muscles that work are the core muscles and a small amount of lower back muscles.


The push up is a great starting place for exercise, because you can do it anywhere, anytime, with no equipment. It’s also fun to challenge a friend or family member, which get the competitive spirit going and challenges you both to a fun game of who can do more.

Warm up before doing push ups with arm swings. Also start light by doing push ups on your knees, and just go half way down, or even just go a quarter down. This is a good warm up even if you are capable of doing them on your toes. If doing push ups on your knees is challenging for you, you can try push ups standing up, just put your hands on the kitchen bench or a table.

Push ups are great because you can easily track your progress with strength and fitness. Try them today, see how many you can do. Then tomorrow, try again, and you might be surprised to see you can already do more. Set a goal with push ups to be able to do 5 more than you can today. And give yourself 4 weeks to get to that goal.


lunge exercise


Lunges will improve your entire lower body strength, flexibility, balance, and muscle tone. They can reduce full body fat levels, and improve general fitness overtime.


Take a large step forward, and go down until your back knee almost touches the ground. Push up through your back leg. Most people will naturally lean forward when they do lunges, so focus on using the strength in your back leg as much as you can. You might want to hold onto a table with one hand while you try this, because lunges will usually challenge everyone’s balance a lot.


Lunges are for everyone, whether you are a beginner or athlete. They can be used as a warm up, and there’s lots of different ways you can do lunges. So when you get good at bodyweight lunges, just hold 2 dumbbells by your side to make them more difficult. But there are other advanced variations of this exercise. As you step out with your right foot, you can twist to the right with your chest, and suck in your stomach. Or you can try jump lunges or jump switching lunges for a cardio and strength workout.

To get results with lunges, or any exercise, you need to know where you’re at, and push your limits a bit. If you’re just getting into exercise after taking years or months off, then just by doing body weight lunges you will feel a strength and flexibility improvement, and you won’t have to push yourself hard to feel a result. If you regularly exercise, push yourself by trying to add weight. See how much weight you can hold while doing 10 lunges on each leg, or do walking forward lunges while holding weights in each hand for 20 steps. Record how much weight you use, and to try increase that weight each week. Or you can use the same weight, but aim to do 26 steps next week. Then 30 steps the week after. Then 34 steps the week after. And record your progress.


fitness image boxing personal trainin


Boxing is fun, and can quickly improve upper body strength, power, and overall cardio. Done on a regular basis, it can help people lose stomach fat, and overall body fat.


Try a boxing class, or do it with a personal trainer. Once you learn the basics of boxing, you’ll be confident you’re doing the right technique if you train by yourself at home.


Boxing is really good because it has a full body benefits. It’s low impact, and it’s self defence. You can always improve with boxing, and it’s for beginners to athletes. You can hold small weights in your hands to make it a bit harder when you are punching by yourself, or you can get a punching bag which stands up from the ground for around $100.

It’s a great activity to do with a friend, and I personally think exercise is all about being social and trying to make it more engaging, more interactive, and more enjoyable.

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