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I got a personal trainer. Here’s my honest review.

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2 years ago I had the goal to improve my body. I wasn’t happy with what I looked like. One time a friend ‘made’ me go to the gym with them. Reluctantly, I gave it a go. It was painful, and not fun. It was something I knew that I should just do, because It was the right thing to do. Little did I realize how much more energy and enthusiasm I would have for life.

Later on I was curious about what personal training could do for me. I really didn’t know what would happen, but I liked the idea. For me, It was pretty tough, doing those training sessions. But it was my time, and I felt like I was getting something out of it. I trained once a week with my personal trainer, which wasn’t enough to see results fast, but it was something. I was still making progress towards my goals. You know I keep saying ‘my goals’ but never saying what they were. Because everyone is different and you have your goals and I have mine.

In some weird ways I enjoyed the sessions, though it was tough. I had an appointment set, and it made me do the work. I didn’t reschedule my appointment, I just showed up. And I still made progress with my mind and body.

It’s unbelievable the stories I’ve heard of how a bit of exercise can change multiple facets of peoples lives. There’s nothing quite like human interaction, sweating, and pushing your mental limits, all at the same time.

I stopped seeing my personal trainer after about 7 sessions because I wasn’t working in the area anymore. While I was in the moment, doing the sessions, it was hard to really reflect and see all the benefit I got. But looking back now, I know what an impact it had for me mentally and physically.

I really think that once you get into something, like personal training, it gets you interested in other healthy areas of life. Like nutrition. And let me say that I think nutrition is a skill. Exercise is a skill. And it doesn’t take a few hours of practice to get good at it. To be good at exercise, training, and healthy eating is a lifetime event. It takes a few years to be the very best at it. But these skills need to start somewhere. And building healthy habits, and learning new skills like exercise and nutrition are priceless to a certain degree.

As for value for money, it was worth it for me.


For the record, I am a personal trainer myself and have been for 4 years. There’s a lot that goes into personal training, that we at Fitness Image simplify for the client. Also there are heaps of personal training businesses out there, which creates competition, which drives the prices down so that you get value for money. At Fitness Image, we come to you for mobile personal training in Port Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs to save you time. For more info on our services checkout Fitness Image Mobile Personal Trainer

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